A Quick Update

I haven’t had any time to draw these days, this is just temporary tho. Sooner or later I’ll have new dragons for you all 😀
I’ll also continue posting my old posts from Whaleshares, as I have a lot to catch up with 🙂 https://whaleshares.io/@kristyglas

I took a few days off, and yesterday I walked a lot. Also I actually took a blood test recently, the results are great, much better than 5 months ago. I might be missing B vitamin or folate tho, I’ll see my doctor next week. I started taking B complex supplements, as apparently it’s safer to take than not.

I hate needles… so I ended up eating a lot of comfort foods (sweets) the rest of that day xD I also had a lot of unusual aches, which totally passed the next day.

Yesterday I bought some tofu and seitan, I’ve never tried those before. I also got a lot of other new foods to try cooking. I also tried sushi for the first time in a restaurant, I went with @elitaforce. It was great! 😀

We walked 2-4km, I don’t have an exact way to measure. I checked out smart wrist bands, I was hoping to get one in the near future, mainly for measuring heart rate for workouts. 🙂 I was thinking after I do 100 runs maybe or certain amount of km. However, I need to get new glasses first ^_^


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