Eternity- Original Photography and a Poem


Do you hear them?
The muffled whispers behind the doors
Do you feel?
The chill, the dread, the dreamy oblivion
Do you know?
That there is so much more to see
Can you sleep?
Knowing it awaits you at the other side


This is my entry for the contest by @cherie 😀 Please check out and join it here!
You need to share your own photo of a door and add some prose along it ^_^

Surprisingly I don’t have many door photos, so when I chose to use this one, I knew instantly I wanted to make it black and white. Mostly because it’s old and there isn’t much color to begin with. Also as the photo’s quality isn’t great, I tried to mask it with some editing 🙂

Bts: kristy-glas

Thank you for checking out and for the support <3

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