Apricot Jam


I love fruits and jams. I know the picture is a mess  I’m always messy in the kitchen, but that doesn’t stop me! Haha
Anyways, this was my first attempt, it was rather sour, I think some of the apricots weren’t fully ripe  I need to stop buy foods on “sales” they usually end up meh… Once I eat this I’ll try another batch. I saw a cool recipe, but I admit I was lazy to follow it properly 😛 I still think it was the fruits’ fault tho.. ooh and I might have added too much lemon juice 

Anyways, it’s edible, but I really want do better next time.


I tried adding a bit of jelly mix, but that just made things worse 😛


The proper jam tutorial:


Today’s fruit smoothie juice 😀 It was amazingggg


Have you tried making jam?


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