Pokemon Go

Hello guys! I reinstalled Pokemon Go thanks to my brother and I’m looking forward to catching Pokemons ^^



I tried running a couple of days ago, but I think my sneakers might be too old and worn out, as my legs hurt a lot for 2 days after 1.5km run. I’ll try more brisk walking for now. ^^



I downloaded the Google map for my city a while ago, so I think that helps the game to be more smooth, but I’m not sure. I don’t remember how I downloaded it, but it’s very handy if you don’t have internet when going out.

I tried changing my name, but the game doesn’t let me. I’m guessing the names are lready taken xD

My brother made a much better and more detailed post on Steemit. I asked him to post it on Whaleshares as well, when he can ^_^

You can add me to friends with my code 0680 8552 8265 However, let me know you did in the comments, as I won’t add random strangers 😉


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