My Little Garden


I can’t believe how fast today flew by !



I’m really proud of my little growing garden. This took me roughly 2 months of slow plantino and organising. I started with a very few fruit and veggie seeds and now I have a huge variety. I also got a while bunch of plants from my mother in law, from her back yard. I’ll need to get more soil soon 😀 The more I plant, the more plants I want xD


The reason they’re all bundled up like this is because I was cleaning the balcony and I ended up with his organisation. It’s rather convenient for watering.


Some wild strawberries I received last week. So far they seem to be doing well like this. I plan to replant it into a water bottle when I have more. I’m using bottles as we already buy drinking water. We also use filters ocasionally, mostly for boiling and cooking.


I’ve even used some of my homemade composts, but I need to improve my composts. I ended up throwimg 2 bottles as they looked suspicious and stinky. At least I didn’t really waste money ;P

First of all, I won’t add any more potato peels or beetroot peels. They just sprout instead of composting. No more egg shells (even boiled), they get stinky. Orange peels get very moldy. Also I’ll use much smaller pieces of food scrap and carboard. Last but not least: I’ll add much more soil, soil makes it all much better. I already mix the composts regularly, every couple of days. Mixing is very important.

I tried to take photos of the composts, but it all looks the same on the photos, it’s just dirt.

Do you grow any plants? Please share, I’d love to see <3

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