My Completed Sketchbook (Lots of Dragons)

Here is my first ever narrated video, I hope you guys enjoy!

I didn’t even check if the video is good before posting, as I figured I’d probably change my mind about posting it. Also I’ve no idea how to edit videos, it has been years since I did last one, I don’t have much free time to learn right now. I’ll rather spend the time drawing. Tips and suggestions are welcome tho, like what tools are easy and free to use 🙂

In my first video I actually didn’t say anything I just flipped through the pages, but I realized that would be rather boring to watch. So I made a second video with the short explanations. My voice is normally a little higher, but I was a little nervous… haha :,D

The video is uploading right as I’m writing this, hopefully it works out. Maybe I’ll do some drawing videos in the near future. ^^ Tho I’m not sure to rig the setup for recording that.

If you prefer just to see the sketches without my narration:

Thank you for checking out 😀 What are you favorite sketches? (video timestamps)

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