The Many Doors

Every house has a story, but it’s more often than not, forgotten. As I walk down the street, I contemplate about what or who is behind each door. What color are the room walls, or what patterns are the carpets? What delicious meal are the occupants making in their cozy kitchens?

I pass by many magnificent facades, carefully painted and with sparkling cleam windows. On the other hand I see many runned down homes. Why were they left empty and so lonely? Did it’s last owner pass away? Or did the family simply move on to a newer, better home in some far away country. Or maybe a tragedy occurred and the crumbling walls hide some terrible secret. These broken houses always catch my imaginatiom’s fancy more than the perfect, well kept ones. When I see a missing door I feel invited to explore inside the housr, yet I never do and I don’t know why. Am I worried that I’ll be dissapointed, or is there another reason?

I don’t ponder this too long before switching my focus. I notice how each door is different with their various patterns, indents, colors and even shapes. Most doors are perfectly rectangular, so the rounded ones stand out elegantly. A brightly colored blue door feels more exciting than a heavy dark one. However, in the end the variety and contrast is the beauty of it all.

The air is quiet only filled with my soft footsteps. The pavement is hard and warm under me feel. I enjoy the warm
sun rays on my cheeks, and I shiver yet so slightly in the chill shadows of these houses. I’m nearing the end of this road.

Image Source- Pixabay

I decided to try a 300 word exercise based on a blindly picked image. I always have trouble making decisions, especially when it comes to writing. However, I believe writing like drawing, it requires hours of practice, dedication and good exercises. 🙂 I would love to hear any feedback and criticism as those are the fastest way to improve.

Do you know any good writing exercises?

Thank you for reading!

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