How and Why to Use Autovoting


Hello all! I wrote this post a while ago, but I feel it’s more relevant now than ever 🙂 I am a bit more active on my Whaleshares account, I don’t have any free time to post quality posts right now or the near future.

Would you guys rather I post tiny posts or reposts instead of not posting at all?

I’m considering taking a break for a couple of months, but I’m afraid if I don’t post anything, I’ll have a very hard time getting back into posting here.

Right now I hope to motivate semi active and inactive Steemians to use their votes more effectively, even if they have little SP. I have been less active, but my votes aren’t wasted.

Minnows and planktons can make a difference in greater numbers. Moreover early votes add to a post’s visibility, so basically a small vote is worth more if you vote sooner. Autovotes generally vote 20 min after a post is created. Many good posts are lost to never be seen after only 2 hours, not to mention a few days.

If you’re too busy to make a list of people you want to upvote, you can still contribute by joining one of the several dedicated curation trails. This also applies to those worried that autovotes spoil Steemians making them work less hard, which I personally disagree with. Being valued is a great motivator and energy booster, while being constantly undervalued can make Steemians lose hope and quit.

Lastly, don’t expect to get bigger reward for autovoting, that only works for significant amount of SP. So stick to voting content you enjoy, not because a poster has big payouts.


Let’s get started


To sign on Steemauto you need to sign in with Steemconnect, same as most other places.



Next you can set your voting limit as shown above. The limit means, it will wait for your SP to recharge before autovoting. So if autovoting is just a backup for you, set it between 90-99%. Otherwise 80% is a good, as your upvoted lose some value below that.


Next you need to decide who to upvote. Curation trails are a great way to get started. This means you’ll upvote the same posts as the Steemit account you set it to.




If you want to autovote specific Steemians then go to Fanbase. There write the usernames and set the vote %. The default is 100%. If someone posts daily, your votes may get drained fast so you may want to lower % or manually vote them. Watch out, if you set the % too low, you might vote 0,00 which doesn’t benefit anyone.

Lastly it’s good to set a daily limit to 1 per Steemiam, as some post same post in different languages.

Everything is up to you and you can very easily adjust and change all settings.

Do you approve or disapprove of autovotes and why?

Thank you for reading! The Original Post

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