A Fluffy Kitty

Hello everyone! Here are some photos that I took a few days ago of a gorgeous kitty 😀 This is my in-laws’ cat and I had a lot of fun with her. The first photo is my favorite and I adjusted it in photoshop. The rest I adjusted on my phone. The main reason I adjusted the photos was to blurr/ remove the environment.

I took the photos with my 12MP android phone through an app called Bacon Camera. First of all, do your research to make sure the apps you download are safe 🙂 I’m using the app because the autofocus is great, my phone’s built in focus drives me nuts, all blurry photos.

The main reason I managed to capture these awesome photos is that I was playing with the kitty and she would follow my hand with her gaze, so I used my other hand to snap some photos.

I used to carry my 16MP camera everywhere, but I kind of stopped as it stands out even though it’s not even big. No cares about phones yet they often comment about the camera. I should have invested into a phone with the best camera, maybe for the next one. However, I keep my phones till they break and the last two, lasted around 5 years each 🙂

How long do your phones last?
Do you prefer to take photos with a phone or camera and why?

Thank you for checking out! Tomorrow I plan to share some art.

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