A Dream Journal- Virtual reality

Hello everyone! Today I’m (finally) sharing one of my dream journals. I haven’t had much time for hobby art, but I don’t want to not post anything for too long.


Also I’ve finally taken care of my teeth! I spent wayy too much time (& money) on dentist’s appointments… I should have gone (years) sooner, but I felt no issues or any pain 😛 I’m scared of needles, so thanfully I managed without anaesthesia. Now I’m definitely cutting down on sugar as much as possible D: And I admit I’ve had some months where I didn’t take much care of myself, and last few months I’ve been working on that, I even started working out regularly! I’ve realized that I want to look and feel great when I’m 30 and 40, not only in my 20-s.


I haven’t made any Actifit (workout) posts, but I love and use the app regularly, along with Darabee workouts. I have a lot of catching up to do with posting, but health and work come first 🙂


Back to the Dream Journal!


Normally I take short notes, just 2-3 sentences, but on a rare occasion I get an unusual vivid dream that I try to detail as much as possible. I might share some of the short notes some other time if anyone is interested to read, but they won’t be as fun as the long dreams.


This post’s theme is thanks to @anomadsoul and his freewriting movement. I sort of promised to share dream journal maybe half a year ago and then never delivered… 😛 My notes are very much a mess, so it takes a lot of time to find them and rewrite them into something comprehensible.


I have a bunch of “interesting” dreams, but I don’t plan to share anything kinky  😛 (I don’t even write those down). The only dreams that I consider scary nightmares are the ones where someone close to me dies, then I feel devastated.


I’m not sure why I remember so much and many of my dreams, sometimes even 2 or 3 from the same night. However, focusing on the dream right after waking up helps and a lot of practice. Also most of the times when I don’t get enough sleep, I don’t remember my dreams no matter how hard I try. Next, as soon as I get distracted by the phone or noises, I tend to forget the dreams. Occasionally, I get reminded throughout the morning if something triggers it.


The following is a revised journal, the raw notes go to the end of the post. I wish I rewrote it much sooner as I remembered it more vividly, but even short notes help a lot when remembering old dreams. While writing I just focus on the dream and try to remember as much as possible, even if the order is wrong (I rearrange it afterwards). Also this is why I unintentionally end up writing in different tenses, focusing on the moments.


I usually don’t look up dream interpretations, but feel free to leave your opinions in the comments. I have googled some things before, mostly the very weird ones… 😀


Virtual reality


I’m in the wild, near a huge body of water and a small waterfall. The surrounding is beautiful and the sun is shining brightly, but I’ve no idea where I am or how I got here. For a second I see someone in the distance, so I start crossing the water, which appears to be shallow. As I’m trying to reach the other side the water starts churning, spinning and rising. It forms a huge water creature blocking my way. I can’t make out it’s shape, but it has an animal head and big arms.


I walk to the side and exit the water onto some steep cliffs. I try to bypass the monster but this turns out to be a dead end with more water. I notice two lovely dolphins swimming around in the clear water.


I get ready to jump.


I’m startled by a hand on my shoulder. I spin around and am greeted by unfamiliar faces, two guys and a gal. They offer to take me with them, it appears like they know their way around here. They take me to small town nearby. They let me know that I need to use a codeword for transactions in shops and for medical care. I realize I’m in the most realistic virtual game. All of the services in the town appear to be provided by other players, real people.


My first stop is a small, sweet pastry shop. I’m amazed by the long display of various cakes and cookies. I grab 2 slices of the first 2 cakes. Both are white and one turns out to be with coconut taste and the other is very creamy and awesome. I have pay with virtual currency that I can earn in the game and I want all of the cakes! There were some pink jelly ones, some long cakes and many others various shapes and colors, maybe over 40 kinds. Sadly I don’t have enough to even pay, even the ones I ate. I forgot that I just started playing. I’m fortunate the group from before covers my tab and I promise to pay them back.


I wake up, feeling dazed and confused.


I’m in a dark room, filled with monitors and lots of technology, there are other people, but everyone appears to be unconscious, except for one person. He notices that I’m awake and starts explaining some basics to me.


“You need a sort of hard disc to log in the virtual reality and always carry with in real life.”


However, I wasn’t wearing any gear, it’s as if my consciousness was uploaded directly. Something doesn’t feel right and I find out what.


It felt like only minutes in the virtual reality, but acually several years have passed. I’m left speechless and I run out of the room completely shocked.

I blindly find an exit and run into the streets. The atmosphere is starkly opposite of the virtual one. The sky is dimmed red and full of smog. I heareally sirens in the distance and I start running in the opposite direction.


Is this a war zone?


I keep running and discover the unusual tructure of the city, as I reach a dead end, there are buildings going far below in odd rows. I feel that I’m being followed so I hurry down into the closest bulding. The stairs are too long and exposed so I start climbing down balconies, even jumping. I cover a lot of floors and I finally reach some tunnels. They are blocky with dirty yellow crusty walls. As I keep going I discover openings and intersections below, it’s a maze.


I wander aimlessly and am relieved to discover some familiar faces. The same trio from the viritual reality. I join them and try asking questons, but we are all clueless. We reach an underground market, with around 6 long tables piled with items. We walk to the closest lady and her table which is filled with unusual illustrations. I take one of the illustrations and take a closer look. I see a big pinish-purple blob with many holes, also there are little black mouse like monsters around the blob.


I take a quick look at rest of the images, lots of them were duplicates. Out of nowhere a granny comes along and starts collecting some of the copies. She mutters unusual things, but I barely hear what she says, but I catch two things.


“A time loop” and “We can’t escape it.”

I see officers at the of end the room and one is pointing in or direction. I start running again, get separated from the trio. I reach a bunch of escalators, but I’m tired so I decide to blend in I see some chairs in what appears like waiting statiom. I sit down in next to a bunch of people and take a deep breath calming myself. I start some small talk with a person next to me, hoping my plan works.


I wake up.


A side note: the first part of the dream reminds me very much of “Greed Island” from Hunter x Hunter anime and second part of the game Observer and even Matrix


The raw notes

Virtual reality
A huge water creature not letting me to pass. Beautiful nature area. Try to go around on cliffs. It’s a sort of dead end with water see 2 dolphins and get ready to jump.
Get stopped by other players and they offer to take with them.
Also for newbs the code for transactions that almost everyone uses is: airplanes
Apparently useful in case of needing emergency care, otherwise can lose character. Services seem to be provided by other players.
Cakes (have awesome taste) a place full of cakes and you pay with virtual currency that you earn in game. I grabbed 2 pieces of first 2 cakes, they looked white, one coconuty other creamy. I planned to try all. There were some pink jelly ones, some long cakes and many others, maybe over 40 kinds. Sadly I didn’t have enough to even pay for these as I just started playing. Others paid for me and I promised to pay back.

You need a sort of hard disc to log in the virtual reality and always carry with in real life.

However I uploaded consciousness rather than wearing gear?

Talk to one person separately. Can log in unusually? Seems like minutes but apparently several years have passed. When I log out there are lots of people and monitors. I’m confused.

It’s a war time. And I’m somehow the most valuable person.
Escape, wanted. Outside it’s darkish, cloudy, post apocalyptic. Apparently there is war going on. Jump down many times different floors, many tunnels. Meet friends irl. Escape with them
No one has full info compiling unusual illustrations and explain their meanings. There is one pink purple blob with many holes and little mouse like monsters around. Lots of various copies of same images. A random granny comes around and starts collecting some of the copies. She has some unusual info and some illustrations like card pop ups and greeting cards. Everything is in the same art style.
Theory: this is a time loop and we probably constantly fail to escape.
Run again, try to blend in. Lots of escalators. Finally calm down and sit with a bunch of people on the waiting chairs and talk.


Thank you for reading! If you have any questions please let me know.

I’d love to read your dream journals 😀 If you share some and make a post feel free to share a link the comments!

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