Daily Doodle Dragons #5

Hello! Sorry for the delay, I was binge watching the Chilling adventures of Sabrina and it’s so intense! :O (warning it’s a very dark and graphic series, not for everyone). I guess my favourite part is all of the mystery, and there is a LOT of it! I have two episodes left and I’ll go right back to it after this ^^

Give this dragon a name, the person with most votes, not value, wins (in 24h) 0.1SBD and a resteem of one of your posts (SFW!) If there is a tie, I pick the name I like from those. You can also vote by replying to a comment with a simple “vote” to not waste SP. 0.02 votes. Also I will be voting on your posts instead of comments from now on 🙂 (check out @dustsweeper)

Extra: you can tag a friend that hasn’t participated and one random person will get 0.1SBD ^^ Afterall, more entries means bigger rewards 😀 (Also I’m basing rewards on previous post payouts)

0.3 SBD reward if there are 3+ entries!

This an A5 page and I expect to fill it within a week, once I’m done I’ll scan and share both pages, so you won’t miss out. Maybe next I’ll move on to a bigger A4 format! Also I’m thinking of additional descriptions for the dragons ^^

Also you can share any cool post that isn’t yours, as we want to avoid self promotion spam, unless it’s dragons ;P


Thank you for checking out! I’m loving all of the cool names <3

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