Daily Doodle Dragons! #2

Hello dragoons! (Yes, no?) ^^

This is a little project that I’ll be trying out. I’ve been very inconsistent with my art, so I want to get back into the daily drawing habbit.

Give this dragon a name, the person with most votes, not value, wins (in 24h) 0.1SBD <b>and a resteem of your latest post </b> (SFW!) If there is a tie, I pick the name I like from those.

No one participated on Steemit, but there are lots of entries on Whaleshares. The rewards there are better as I have better payouts. So if you have a WLS account and want WLS reward instead, just write (WLS) in your comment. If you win you will receive 1 WLS and 1 post upvote on Whaleshares ^^ (add your username if it’s different from Steemit)


This an A5 page and I expect to fill it in a week, once I’m done I’ll scan and share both pages, so you won’t miss out. Maybe next I’ll move on to a bigger A4 format! Also I think these doodles might look cool as vectors, if I find some time to make.


Please share any cool dragon posts you make or find, I’d love to see them!



Daily Doodle Dragons #1


Random Games update! 30 WLS reward for 1 random winner instead of 2 rewards 15WLS. There are no entries so far. If we have 1 orno entries I’ll prolong the contest for another week.

Thank you for checking out and participating!


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