Tipping Mechanism Suggestion- Full Details

This is a breakdown of how tipping could work and why it would be more effective than the current method of sending wallet funds. Please share any additional suggestions, opinions or criticisms in the comments below!

It’s important to be safe with our wallet keys, so it’s a hassle to look for a key everytime when sending funds. Personally I don’t allow mobile devices or the PC to remember my keys. Also filling out the correct usernames and memos take some time. Convenience is one of the main factors of mass adoption.

Many users use Posting key to post, so other keys (like Active and Master) might not be easily ready at hand. For example: I don’t keep any keys on the phone, but I used it to blog a lot.

Some users don’t check their wallets as regularly as their comments.

Easy tipping would allow those with small votes to reward their favourite content with more value.

Quck tipping could be used to pay for various creative services. (Like banners or even adoptables)

Users could tip on older posts that already had payouts.

Fast tipping can enable easy collection of funds for contest rewards. Or to pay out rewards.

Tipping would allow to support charity posts more easily and possibly remove less rewards from the reward pool.

Easy, visible tipping may sway some users to use tipping instead of bid bots to reward others.

The Following are 2 methods

Full integration with Steemit

Tip Funds in the Wallet

• Convert SBD or STEEM into fast use credits that don’t need keys for transfer or spending. Tip jar- opposite of current savings option.

• Can’t hold more than 50sbd of tips for the user’s safety.

• ALloyd posts should have a tip button at the end, like “leave a tip” next to the reply button. Or a bigger tip button that can be enabled or disabled in the settings.

• Or instead of button users can use a comment command like !tip.

• Tips received would go into regular wallet funds for safety.

• Once someone tips a post, there should be automatic comment stating that the @username tipped X amount. This display of tips is important so those tipping to feel that they made a difference. This way they are more likely to do it again. Moreover, this will notify those receiving the tip and they can respond sooner, further validating the sender. From personal experience (sending out contest rewards), users take around 2 or 3 days to notice the reward.

3rd Party Tipping Website

(Somewhat like Steemhunt)

• Users would send funds to a user or external website. It’s best to have a limit for safety.

• Once user wants to use the funds they can comment on a post with !tip or !tip Amount.

• When credits are used, the 3rd party sends the tipped value directly to the person being tipped. Also an automated reply is recommended to validate the senders tip.

• If external website: it must have Steemconnect integration or similar for safety.

• If a fee is necessary to create or maintain the product:
Either collect an investment through posts.
Or have a small fee when buying the credits, but not when tipping. Have discounts for buying more credits at once.

Key points:

• Easy access to small funds without requiring additional clicks or keys

• 2 click tipping- the tip button and amount tipped.

• Visible display of tips

Cover image source (pixabay)

I’m tagging utopia-io because I don’t have the skills to make tipping happen, but maybe someone seeing this post does!

Thank you for reading!

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