Freewrite & My Actifit Report: Nov-14-18

Hello guys! I decided to give actifit a try, I had lots of fun with Pokemon go when it came out, so I’m giving this a chance ^^ The app is around 200mb on my phone.

Also I reached 544 point and then my points reset because 12 am Q.Q Yeah I excercises late as I wake up late (still).. So I guess I’m posting this later after sleep. You need 1000 points to make a post. The app mostly tracks movement like steps, but it seems to work on other exercises (situps less effective). I’ll look to buy a sports band for phone πŸ™‚

I feel more motivated than usual, usually I’d do half of this and skip a lot of days. Will see if I can keep it up πŸ™‚
I used to exercise average 7h a week martial art (maybe more) when I was in highschool. Around 4 years ago I stopped exercising almost totally, because of work, some laziness and lack of energy. Surprisingly I gained only couple of kilos and I used to be borderline underweight, probably why I didn’t start exercising sooner. However, after a not long ago car accident (luckily nothing mayor except bad whiplash). I decided to work out way more again, mainly because the neck whiplash scared me and I read it could last for years. Mine passed after 2 and a half months and I still get sore occasionally. I make sure to stretch the neck at least once a day. Also at that time my self esteem suffered somewhat as I had a big bruise on my forehead, thankfully it healed without a mark (and I used lots of scar cream). I don’t have any issues with my looks, I dont share selfies as I want to suceed with my art and not looks (just a personal preference). However, I am very criticising over personality traits like self control. I think main key to any success is self control and maintaining motivation. Like I wish I painted better, but I keep getting distracted; I wish I was a vegetarian, but I keep reverting back every time (at least less meat now); I’m addicted to sugar (almost under control..) and lots of other things. On a positive note: I almost stopped getting any palm oil products, ocasionally I forget to check, and I’m lowering my plastic waste, which is very challenging here, but I believe everything counts πŸ™‚ I didn’t mean to write so much, simply got carried away. Haven’t done this in a while πŸ™‚ (and usual I’ll edit the personal info out before the payout)

A shoutout toΒ @movingmanΒ for answering a bunch of my questions and for advice in the actifit discord channel!

Age: 24

The report:

β€’ Stretching

β€’ 7 pushups

β€’ 10 easy pushups (knees down)

β€’ 20 situps

β€’ 20 side plank- leg lifts (40 total)

β€’ 6 crouches

β€’ 32 star jumps

β€’ 20 lounges

β€’ lots of walking in circles while chatting on discord and typing this…

β€’ 5 more pushups

β€’ 10 more easy pushups

β€’ various wrist stretches and exercises (atrtists)

β€’ Made some midnight pancakes πŸ˜€

I had to Google to find exercise names xD And my weight might be wrong as I don’t own a weight and it has been several months since I checked πŸ™‚

My goal is to improve my energy and gain a little muscle ^^

Cheers! And stay healthy πŸ˜€


Aerobics, House Chores, Walking

168 cm
67 kg
Body Fat

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