Inktober 13- Guarded


This is a continuation of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy illustrations, or rather the beginning of it all- Arthur Dent’s home right before it’s demolition. Arthur is laying on the ground, guarding his home from the bulldozer. I love how ironic this scene is compared to what comes next…

I started listening to the Hitchhiker’s Guide audiobooks, and that really helped me draw this scene. Personally, I love audiobooks in general if the voice is right and interesting 😀 I can get into the story much more and I don’t get as distracted as I do when reading sometimes.

The drawing is a bit more detailed but still with rough lines, as I wanted to stick to the same style as the whale drawing.


I haven’t really illustrated stories like this before and it’s even more fun that I imagined. ^^ I redrew the initial pencil sketch around 3 times, as the perspective felt very wrong. In the very first sketch the bulldozer was facing the viewer and the house was 2 dimensional, a simple square. The perspective is still wonky as I have limited time for Inktober, but it feels much more believable in the final version.

Once I’m done with this page, I will make a much better scanned version and share it with you guys. 🙂

Page 1 Inktober


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