Inktober 11,12- Cruel and a Whale


Hello guys! Last few days passed by incredibly fast so today I did 2 themes in one drawing to catch up a bit. Someone at the start of Inktober suggested I draw the whale from The Hitchiker’s Guide to Galaxy (by Douglas Adams), so I did as I love the series and definitely recommend reading it. I should also reread it as it’s pretty wild and I forgot a lot of things (including the whale scene!). It’s very unusual, complex and often hilarious (a lot of sarcasm and dark humor). My favorite character is Marvin The Paranoid Android, an incredibly intellinget, sadly depressed robot. He felt as the most real and sincere character and I loved every scene with him. He even composes a lullaby.

There are a couple of movies, but I haven’t checked them because I’m afraid that they can’t be as good as the books. Have you seen the movies and did you like any? I’ve seen how they portrayed the Android and I didn’t like it at all.

What is your favorite character or scene from the books?

About the art!


I often start with a simple pencil sketch.


Then I do the outlines and adjust the composition.


The shading is a bit of a fail. It would have been better if I used a brush and an ink bottle, but I didn’t want to make a mess. However, maybe its not bad as it looks like a comic 😀
Just googled and found out that there is a series of comics :O
I really like the vertical lines that show the falling, but I wonder how I could have made them more clear. Any ideas?

Also maybe I’ll dedicate whole page 2 of Inktober to the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ^_^

Thank you for checking out my art blog!!

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