Inktober 6- Drooling!


Hello guys! Here is another inktober ^^ This one was a little more challenging. I googled the first thing that came to mind “drooling dog” and found a very cute photo so I drew it 🙂
Yesterday I mentioned smoothies and today I did my first ones. They turned out great.
For anyone interested. First put liquid then rest.
1/4cup water
1/4 cup milk
Roughly chopped almonds (only if strong blender)
2 fresh bananas
150g frozen strawberries (slightly unfrozen)
A tiny bit of avocado (1/20th basically)
1Tbs honey (or sugar)
Half a tsp of vanilla extract

This is my variation of several recipes I found online, based on what I had available ^^

Thank you for checking out!

What is your favorite fruit? 😀 (and least favorite haha)

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