Random Games #14-(The Final)- Origami Frog!

Hello everyone! As I’ve announced yesterday, this is the last Random Games for now 🙂

Congratulations to @marblely for winning the Random Games #13!

The theme this week is Origami Frog inspired by my recent post.

This Origami is really fun and easy to make. You can find tutorials online of follow the following one 😀

If this is way too easy for you, feel free to make any other origami frog ^^

  • You just need to tkae a photo of your origami and share it in the comments
  • If you make a post (optional) use #randomgames tag so I don’t miss it 🙂
  • Your entry counts as 2 if you resteem this post.

The winner will be randomly generated as always!
The prize pool is 2 STEEM!

Most importantly have fun!

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