Random Games #13- “Googleyes Poetry”

Hello everyone I’m prolonging Random Games #13 for a week, as we have only 1 entry by @kaerpediem which was an accidental entry. They will compete for the prize and if no one else enters this week, they will win automatically.
Random Games is my original contest where the theme is different every week. The goal is to have fun. I adjust the difficulty of the contest based on the prize pool ^^

The SBD and STEEM from this post will go into the Random Games week 14 prize pool, so thank you to everyone who upvotes!

This week’s prize is: 1 STEEM!

The theme is “Googleyes Poetry!”.

Get inspired by googlyeyes, are they funny or creepy for you?

You don’t have to use the word googlyeyes at all!

  •  If you make a post (optional) please use #randomgames tag so I don’t miss it!
  • Resteeming this (or last) post makes your entry count as 2 entries!
  • The deadline is this post’s payout! (I’m not strict, you have time until I generate a winner)
  • The winner will be randomly generated.

This is inspired by the fun Googlyeyes contest by @googlyeyes/@fraenk.

If you make a post with your own googlyeyes photo you can also enter the weekly Googlyeyes contest here:


Do Not use other’s people’s photos for your post, even if you mention them as source! You may use Pixabay or my googlyeyes photos.

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If you’d like to be tagged/untagged in my posts for notification, please let me know! I will only tag you in long posts and contests.

Thank you for participating! ^^

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