Weekly Minnow Adoption #3

Hello everyone and welcome back for the third week of Adopting a Minnow!

Thank you for all of the effort last week’s winners @thebeatmonk and¬†@gmatthe2 ^^ They still have some rewards left (no time limit) ūüėÄ

<h3>This week’s winners is!</h3>

Software Developer, Art & Metal Lover

They will receive rewards promised last week, unless they want the new adjusted rewards. ^^

The adoption will begin once the winner replies in the comments ūüôā

About Minnow Adoption!

I’m looking for creative Steemians (arts and crafts) who post at least 2 times a week. Creative because they will benefit the most from my resteems based my followers base!

It’s very simple: once per week I’ll adopt one minnow. They will receive 9 votes at 100% and 4 resteems. They have no time limit for posting so no need to rush!

Thank you to @enternamehere & @alcy for delegating to me, making this possible ^-^

I will add them to my Gina bot list so I will always know when they post.

I won’t resteem single photo/paragraph posts and the resteem won’t be wasted. In case you want to enter some contests. ^^

Also I will use 2 of my minnowsupport votes on their posts. This is not guaranteed, as I don’t have control over the minnowsupport votes. (The votes are much bigger than mine)

<h2>How to enter:</h2>

  • Simply write “Adoptme” in the comments.
  • ¬†Resteem this post. You only need to resteem “Adoptme” post once per month. Next times you can enter without resteeming. ūüôā

I’ll make sure to recharge my SP before the adoption!

I’m only a Minnow myself, but I hope I can help too ^^

I’ll check out the blogs of everyone who enters and announce the winner right after this post’s payout along with new Adoptme contest round.

@aboutart, @enternamehere , @katalinaooma , @hiddenblade, @adamada , @gotmeens , @nanosesame , @arepazo , @claucor20 , @mrichter, @jodekss, @cryptocariad, @unyimeetuk

If you’d like to be tagged/untagged in my posts for notification, please let me know! I will only tag you in long posts and contests.

If you’d like to support me:

Click here to Delegate 25 SP
Click here to Delegate 50 SP
Click here to Delegate 100 SP
Click here to Delegate 500 SP

Here you can read about the reward for delegating to me!

Thank you all! ^^

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