Arty the Courageous- The Comeback!

This one of my all time favorite posts and dragons that I made 😀 and I’m happy to share it with you guys today. I’m revisiting some of my old posts as my whole follower base has changed since I’ve joined Steemit and these posts are timeless ^^ This also gives me the opportunity to add the project to my Steempress website! I believe this is the 4th such post and I’ll keep sharing them just occasionally. I hope you guys will enjoy! I still hope to use this particular dragon in some future projects, I just haven’t reached that point yet 🙂

There are a lot of posts I’ve missed on Steemit, and I hope more artists will be inspired to reshare their favorite works. ^^

This is my pet dragon called Arty (Artemis). He is a positive courageous dragon that helped me through my art block and is helping me through my fear of failure. There are many more cool looking dragons but Arty doesn’t care, he is unique and has fun with everything.

It all started with a happy accident, even though i didn’t recognize it at first. While browsing pinterest I was inspired to scribble a few silly dragons. I wasn’t planning to use them, but the next day I had an idea.

The thumbnail pose is inspired by Pascal from Tangled because of the huge eyes, round face and tiny hands.

I did the digital part while listening to Undertale soundtrack on repeat. It is extremely unique, ranging from cheerful to sad to energizing.

On a separate paper I attempted some watercolors.

I have a lot to learn, but getting started is the hard part. Afterwards it’s hard to stop.

The watercolor image was interesting, but I felt that it would look better digitally.

This was my initial attempt. I usually work only on 1 pose until I am satisfied and have decided on the style. While experimenting I don’t worry about the layer order or having anything organized.

If you have a printer you can print out a few copies of the drawing and easily experiment for colors with traditional mediums.


Create a digital outline > Lasso roughly the shapes > Fill a base color (here is blue) > add light preferably warmer colors on the focal points (here head and wings) > Mask outside the outline > Add texture on a new layer > Add shadows on a new layer and clip it to the base layer or use a mask > Add additional highlights with overlay or color dodge layer.


Here is the link to the original post from a year ago.

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Thank you for checking out! <3 ^-^

To be continued…


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