Zodiac Dragon Scorpio + Cartoons From My Childhood

Hello everyone! Today’s zodiac is a little unusual. I wanted to use some green as I realized that none of my zodiac dragons are green so far. I also used blue, as that’s my brother’s favorite color. This dragon is definitely less cute than rest and I might try remaking it to fit the whole set more.

I started with a couple of rough thumbnails (I’ve share them before). I really liked the sharp look and big tail. However, I should have balanced the composition better with a longer body and rounder tail. Once I moved on to the sketchbook (A6) I started with a rough pencil drawing. Afterwards I inked it with a 0.4 ink pen. I added thicker lines in the shadows.

For the coloring, I used color pencils. I drew softly and as I added more layers I pressed harder. Also I tried to blend as much as possible, so I avoided using strong contrasts in color.

The colors turned out stronger than I expected, so I used an artist eraser for the light areas. (The moldable, rubbery one).

The final result is interesting and I definitely should make one of the other zodiacs green. I have only 4 zodiacs left! Afterwards I might try remaking a couple of my least favorites ūüôā


October 23 РNovember 21; Element: Water

Scorpios are resourceful, passionate, stubborn and true friends. However, they are also distrusting, secretive and possibly violent.

If you’re a Scorpio, how well does this describe you? ^^

Some Cool Old Cartoons

My brother’s zodiac is Scorpio so I decided to dedicate this post to some of our favorite childhood cartoons. I will not include the well known like Disney movies.

These are my most memorable cartoons that are probably going to be new for you and I even had quite some trouble findsomethe the names. Cartoons had big influence on me when growing up as well as books. This might be why my style is an uncanny mix of cute and creepy.

As we are from a multicultural family we got a large variety of cartoons as kids including lots of international ones. We were born in the 90-s, but we watched many older cartoons as well as new.

Some of the more common cartoons we watched were Tom and Jerry and Looney tunes. We loved Pokemon and Digimon and never missed any episodes on TV. Later we also watched a lot of Naruto as well as Shaman King. I discovered Ghibli when I was already a teenager.

I feel that children’s cartoons used to be a lot darker and scarier.

Let me know if you recognize any of them ūüėÄ or if you decide to check out and watch some. I included official links to watch whenever I found some. ^^

Nu pogodi (Well, Just You Wait!)

A Soviet/Russian animated series produced by Soyuzmultfilm. There is very little speech and it reminds me of Tom & Jerry. The wolf, the antagonist, has a lot of talents and gets the most screen time with his schemes and attempts to catch the Hare, the protagonist. In the earlier episodes the wolf is much more menacing and is shown smoking. Personally I find the art quite weird and a quite unappealing with the very desaturated colors. However the storytelling and music make up for it. It certainly has a unique atmosphere.

It’s really awesome that the¬†Soyuzmultfilm have shared lots (possibly all) of their cartoons on Youtube: youtube.com/ClassicCartoonsMedia

Image Source

The Flying boat 1979

This was one of my favorite Russian cartoons. The songs are very catchy and you get a really cool scene with the notorious Baba Yaga and her chicken legged hut. The art is more lively but there are still many dark colored scenes. The cartoon is quite short, only 20 minutes! The link above will take you to the official movie on the Youtube channel. ^^

Image Source


Pingu¬†is a Swiss-British¬†stop-motion clay animated¬†series about a penguin and his family on a South Pole, created by¬†Otmar Gutmann. It’s incredibly adorable and amazing animation craftsmanship. There is no dialogue instead penguin language making it universal. There are very little colors, but that’s great as it’s not distracting. Instead the animation itself is the focal point. The link in the title above will take you to the official YouTube Pingu channel!

Image Source


An¬†animated television series by Tim Burton loosely based on the 1988 film of same name. It’s quite dark and filled monsters, bugs, ghosts and more. The series focuses on the life of¬†Goth¬†girl Lydia Deetz and her undead friend Beetlejuice, as they explore¬†The Neitherworld. The artstyle is very fascinating, appealing and unappealing at the same time. The color palette is interesting with strong contrasts while the characters and creatures are deformed stylistically.

Sadly I couldn’t find any official online episodes to share here.

Image Source

Related imageThe Magician’s Hat¬†(ńĆarobnjakov Ň°eŇ°ir)

This is an animated film¬†produced by the¬†Croatia Film¬†company and directed by¬†Milan BlaŇĺekovińá. It’s a fantasy adventure with a unique art style. The cartoon is full of creepy versus cute elements. The main protagonist is an unappealing green humanoid creature, trying to save the magical forest from an evil enemy. In the cartoon I probably liked the ice witches most as they are very unusual. The cartoon is relatively dark for children’s cartoons.

If you google the original Croatian name, you can find the full cartoon on Youtube. However, as that is not an official channel, I will not link it here ūüôā

Image Source

The Brave Little Toaster

The Brave Little Toaster

You probably shouldn’t let kids watch this, but it’s amazing. It has some very dark moments. The household appliances are shown as living creatures, pretending to be lifeless around humans. Then there is a scene where they are captured and one of them is disassembled, practically¬†murdered. The cartoon was made in 1987 adapted from a novel by¬†Thomas M. Disch. It’s filled with dangerous adventures and many heartfelt moments. This movie left one of the strongest impressions.

Image Source

Image result for √ź¬ö√ź¬į√ź¬Ņ√ź¬ł√Ϭā√ź¬ĺ√Ϭą√ź¬ļ√ź¬įKapitoshka (1980)

I had to mention this one, as my brother watched it so many times as kid it drove me nuts! This was one of his most favorite cartoons at one point xD I provided the link to Youtube above, it’s only 8 minutes long. It looks like an official channel, but I’m not completely sure ūüôā There is also part 2 here. I think the 2nd one was Ivan’s favorite ^^

Image Source

Related image

The Wonderful World of Puss ‘n Boots (Nagagutsu o haita neko)

I love this cartoon and I didn’t even realize it was Japanese as we watched a dubbed version as kids. The songs weren’t translated, but they were so cute and catchy I didn’t notice. The cartoon is a¬†1969 Japanese¬†traditional animation¬†action-comedy¬†musical¬†feature film¬†by¬†TŇćei Animation. I love the art style and the most prevalent color in the movie is blue. Interestingly the chase scenes were animated by¬†Hayao Miyazaki¬†and¬†Yasuo √Ētsuka!

The movie is a spin off of the famous Puss in Boots Italian-French fairy tale by  Giovanni Francesco Straparola.

Image Source


The awesome song from Cheburashka!

What are your favorite cartoons from childhood? ūüėÄ

The formatting of this post was only possible thanks to WordPress/ Steempress ūüôā The editing tools are very easy to use.

Which of these do you find most interesting?

Thank you for reading! <3 ^-^

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