The Nun- Art Study+ Freewrite

Hello guys! Yesterday I went to watch the Nun movie in the cinema ^^ I really enjoyed it, but I’m no horror movie expert. In fact I started watching horror movies only recently, so I actually don’t know about the cliche jump scares or other scares. I do feel that the movie didn’t deliver the full origin story, I really wish it focused much more on the background story.

They actually showed a cool mysterious old book with ancient strips and then they proceeded by showing only a couple of pages! I was dissapointed for that as the few pages they did show looked really awesome. I actually had a lovecraftian feel several times throughout the movie, but I can’t pinpoint the reason why.

I’ll avoid spoiling, but there isn’t much to spoil really. Personally I loved the visuals of the movie the most. I’ll definitely look for the movie’s concept art and I hope there will be a book like “The Art of the Nun” đŸ˜€

So what I mean is the compositions of the scenes were beautiful. An amazing balance of light and dark areas, front details versus background. The camera angles were always unique and constantly changing, like front view, aerial view and close ups. My favorite scene is the big prayer scene. I was a bit sad about the reveal, opposite would have been much cooler.

Also apparently this is not a very scary horror movie, so that was kind of great for me. As a kid I had serious anxiety and paranoia compared to everyone I knew. Once I discovered psychology when I was 17, I managed to get rid of most of those issues. I used to jump from any slightly loud sounds. This reminds me of something I read: (paraphrasing, as I don’t remember the details)
“A monk who is meditation well, won’t flinch even if someone rings a gong right behind them.” And it’s true for me, meditation was insanely hard for me with constant flow of thoughts. But the effort was worth it in the end. I was into Buddhism for a little while, but eventually realized that it doesn’t stop racism, sexism or violence, but on the other hand, what does? Currently I gave up on religious search, rather work on self improvement. An agnostic, not atheist, I don’t know what’s there and I don’t think we can know. I sure hope death isn’t the end.

Back to the movie, I forgot to mention they say it’s sort of a true story (I don’t believe that). One scene in the movie actually reminded me of the Exorcism of Emily Rose, based on Anneliese Michel, who underwent Catholic exorcism rites during the year before her death. A real Nun actually played this movie to us during a catechism (religious lessons, I was raised a Catholic). Even back then I found it insane that the family didn’t take the girl to a hospital (however, they did before and she was diagnosed with psychosis) and I consider them guilty of the girl’s death who died of malnourishment and dehydration.

Not enough people are aware of mental illnesses and their symptoms and effects. Also the medical field and treatment have come a long way in the past decades, moreover they keep improving. Some illnesses were completely untreatable not so long ago. Mental illness should stop being a taboo so less people are afraid to get help. However, the current treatments have lots of sideffects making it even scarier for some. My second choice of university after art was psychology, but I very much disliked the idea of not studying in English (the public universities are in a different language here). I’m kind of glad that I stuck to art as psychology can be a brutally hard field.

Overall the movie left a strong impressions on me, but I have a lot more questions. I loved the set and costume design and all of the details. The cover image of this post is one of my favorite scenes in the movie. You can actually see it in the longer trailer, which I used for reference. However, I avoid watching trailers as they have way too many spoilers now. There is another scene, the prayer one that I want to also do a study of in the future.

Here is the process gif. The study took me around an hour to draw. I used a textured chalk brush for the background and a non textured one for the character. I kept the rough, gritty feel of the painting on purpose.

Also I forgot to mention that the movie has very minimal blood.

This post is not a review of the movie Nun, rather my biased experience. I haven’t watched the rest of the movies either, except the Conjuring 2. I agree with the popular opinion that this movie’s storytelling could have been much better and more interesting. However, I love the atmosphere and visual part of the film. This post is also unedited just my raw thoughts đŸ™‚

Thank you for reading!

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