Goodbye Steemit! Hmm I mean Deponia! xD

Clickbait title 😛

Hello guys! No new art today, instead I was having fun with an awesome game collection I bought on 😀

Cover image source:

Deponia the complete Journey. It’s a point and click adventure. I’m a huge Monkey Island fan and it has been too long since I’ve played point and click adventure. So when I saw the collection (3 games) discounted from 30 eur to 4 eur I simply grabbed it. It’s a bit less for me as I also have monthly bundle subscription 🙂 It’s 4.5 eur regular discount, 3 days left!

This version also contains the developers’ commentary. The commentary is a bit boring, but some things are very interesting to find out.

I didn’t buy Deponia sooner because the artstyle wasn’t my type, but since playing the game it has grown on me ^^ I enjoy it and it fits very well with the game and story. Also there is a lot more content than I expected, but based on the full price it makes sense ^^

Deponia trailer:

Also soon I hope to start working again so my posts will be shorter and no more 2 posts per day 🙂 More chill. I think the zodiacs will be on a hold for now (not feeling inspired).

If you wanted to see art, don’t forget to check out my latest Dragon Zodiac post here:

Thank you for checking out! 😀


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