Zen Coloring Entry+ Original Poem

Hello everyone! I couldn’t sleep, because of stomach ache, so to pass time and distract myself I decided to make my entry for the Zen Coloring Contesthe by @magiccleatus




I drew this on my phone using a free app called Art Flow as it allowed me to import an image. The app worked well, but it was a bit hard to draw with fingers, a stylus would have helped. Also if you try using undo tool, it locks it by asking you to buy the app, but if you use another tool it unlocks it again.


I left white areas on purpose as I feel the shades of blue stand out more and are much better balanced this way. Also blue is probably my favorite color ^^


Tomorrow I’ll do the Minnow Adoption during the day, my vote power should recharge by then. At night I plan to share the finished Libra Zodiac Dragon.


From next week I should finally start working (hopefully), so I’ll have less time for blogging, but I’ll do my best 🙂


The following is a poem I wrote inspired by this drawing.


Feeling Blue

The blue sound of time
Spinning it’s endless circles
I hear the tear drops in sky
Flowing through the terrors


Dreams on the other side
Behind the mirror’s mind
Speak of blue happiness
The catatonic peace


Tasting the melodies
Chorus of many winds
Send stories of the unknown
The worlds to be discovered


I don’t do poetry often, but when I do I want it to be unusual and unique in some way. So this time I used synesthesia- when a sense is replaced with with another, like hearing notes when looking at letters.

I pick color purple 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed this and thank you for checking out ^^

Process gif

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