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Here are some seashells I drew last month, but haven’t had the chance to share with you guys! ^^

These are studies based on photos that I collected on pinterest. You can check out the photo collection on my board here: https://pin.it/x6chlsgwrqxfte

Some interesting facts:

● A seashell is a leftover from an animals body, the critter’s protective outer layer. When the animal dies, the soft pieces of its body are either eaten or simply rot over time.

● Seashells used to be a form of currency once upon a time at some places.

● Environmentalists note that taking shells prevent erosion, are used nest-building materials for birds and allow algae to find shelter. Removing shells negatively affects the environment.

● Seashells’ shape has a purpose. It can be plain and smooth or come adorned with spikes and ridges and protrusions. Elaborate shells come from the tropics, to protect from more dangerous predators. However, this makes it more difficult to move around.

● One of the oldest seashell collections was found at Pompeii preserved in the eruption.

● Sadly the pristine shells that you can usually buy at vacations are probably taken from living shells. The shells of mollusks that died of disease, predation, old age don’t often get tarnished in some way.

Sources: [1](https://www.panamajack.com/blog/7-facts-about-seashells/); [2](http://mentalfloss.com/article/65136/8-fascinating-facts-about-seashells)

When drawing I was looking for as much shape and pattern variety as possible. It’s actually surprising how many different seashells exist. I feel that we are way too used to the stereotypical seashell shape.

Drawing process

I started with a rough pencil sketch after which I did the outlines wits a think ink pen. Once I was done with that I did the patterns. I left most of the shading for my 2 alcohol based grey promarkers.

Also while I was at sea I found a couple of very pretty seashells, sadly I forgot to photo them and I didn’t take them with me. I’ll try to remember next time. 🙂

Also if you get a chance to listen to a sound of a conch shell, you should! You can hear an ocean like sound in them.

The rushing sound that one hears is in fact the noise of the surrounding environment, resonating within the cavity of the shell.

Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seashell_resonance

Also I haven’t given up on the Mermaid plan that I set up in June: https://steemit.com/art/@kristyglas/my-mermaids-art-project-plan-for-july

I’m just taking a break from it right now, so I can finish the Zodiac Dragons finally. 😀 I’m having lots of fun with them and I’m really glad you guys like them ^-^

Today I started drawing the Libra Zodiac. I wasn’t home the whole evening, so I didn’t take time to finish the drawings. This zodiac was a bit harder and it took me a few attempts with thumbnails. Eventually I reached a design that I like. Tomorrow I plan to ink it and then color it with purple color pencils, to make the whole zodiac series balanced with colors.

Virgo Zodiac

Also I forgot to add some information about the Virgo Zodiac from a few days ago. So here it is now 😀

Virgo’s element is earth. They are usually loyal, practical, kind and hardworking. They are also shy and focus hard on work and no play.

Source: http://www.astrology-zodiac-signs.com/zodiac-signs/virgo/

I feel like this is describing me perfectly even though I’m Aries xD
If you’re Virgo, how well does this describe you? 😀

All art was made by me. Copyright @kristyglas. All rights reserved.

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Thank you for reading! <3 ^-^

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