Pinapple Bunny+ Process

Hello guys! I was fortunate to come across a fun little contest by @meno and you can check it out here . The challenge is to combine an animal with a fruit to create a new fun creature. I’ve been having trouble with art block again so I took this opportunity to do a few simple fun sketches. I put on some of my favorite music and simply startedon’t drawing.

Here you can see my initial ideas. I actually used an online animal and fruit generator for inspiration. I think my favorite is the Llama berry, but I’might not too sure so I asked for others to choose which I should paint.

And the pick turned out to be the bunny pineapple. 😀

So I started with opening some references.

Next I made a rough pencil sketch, which I detailed out a bit.

Then I inked the drawing. First with my thinnest pen and then some additional thick lines for the areas in shadow.  I added a carrot to balance out the composition a bit. Horizontal drawings look nicer in posts. Also I drew huge eyes to catch some of that bunny cuteness.

Finally I grabbed some of my color pencils and filled the page. I used warmer colors for the light areas and colder for shadows.

Also I colored the tail and feet purple to look like berries for a nice color contrast.

I used a free app Gift Maker- Editor on my phone to compile this process gif.

Also to make things more interesting,for every 2 extra votes on my drawing in the contest I’ll paint another of the sketches (there are 6 total).

This drawing has also motivated me to get back to drawing zodiac dragons :Day The Leo is almost done so stay tuned!

The art was created by me, copyright @kristyglas. All rights reserved.

I hope you enjoyed and thank you for checking out! ^-^

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