Random Games- Week 10- Prolonged!

Hello guys! I’m prolonging the Random Games week 10 for a week until next Friday.  You can see the originame post here: https://steemit.com/artzone/@kristyglas/randomgamesweek10-hairstyles-dln6io96bx The theme is hairstyles! We have 2 entrants so far: @stanestyle and @marblely ^^ The winner will be randomly generated. The SBD and STEEM from this post’s payout will be added to Random… Continue reading Random Games- Week 10- Prolonged!

Googlyeyes Ship

I finally have the chance to participate in the googlyeyes contest 😀 https://steemit.com/googlyprize/@googlyeyes/googlyprize-this-week-s-winners-issue-no-54 I keep forgetting to buy some xD, but my brother ofcourse has a bunch and he let me use them. I also let him know about the contest ^^ I’m currently visiting family (we live very far apart so it’s only twice… Continue reading Googlyeyes Ship

Random Games Week 10!- Hairstyles

Hello guys! We had so many awesome entries in the [previous week’s contest](https://steemit.com/contest/@kristyglas/random-games-week-9-a-coloring-page-2-sbd-prize-pool) <3 You can check all of the entries there or a compilation of most of the posts [here](https://steemit.com/contestrandomgamesartzonecreativity/@kristyglas/randomgames9updatesteempresstest-i911nxsqf7). Thank you to all who participated 😀 Thank you to @juliakponsford and @soundwavesphoton for sponsoring this week’s reward! 2SBD! This weeks prize is around 1.5SBD (the prize will… Continue reading Random Games Week 10!- Hairstyles

Trial by Comics-Zombies Art+ Short Story

Hello guys. This is my entry for Trial by Comics by @kommienezuspadt https://steemit.com/trialbycomics/@kommienezuspadt/trial-by-comics-winners-for-zombies-and-new-theme-announced Sorry I won’t write more at the moment as I’m upset. I can’t access my pc because of admin password. (I misstyped it twice when setting up a new one, so it’s my own fault). I’ll probably lose a bunch of my… Continue reading Trial by Comics-Zombies Art+ Short Story

Random Games 9 Update + Steempress Test

Hello guys! This is a test post for Steempress. Thank you so much @gmuxx for setting things up for me! ^-^ And I’m also taking the opportunity to share the Random Games entries we have so far. 😀 You still have several days left to enter. You can see the official contest here: https://steemit.com/contest/@kristyglas/random-games-week-9-a-coloring-page-2-sbd-prize-pool The… Continue reading Random Games 9 Update + Steempress Test