Random Games Week 12- “Your Childhood Books!”

Hello everyone and welcome back for week 12 of Random Games \(^▽^@)ノ
Random Games is my original contest where the theme is different every week. The goal is to have fun.

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the previous contest themed “Your collection”! A big shoutout to @aboutart @gmatthe2@marblely@stanestyle, @oliviackl, @cryptocariad and @muscara!

Congratulations to @cryptocariad! For Week 11- the prize was 1.7 STEEM!


The SBD and STEEM from this post will go into the Random Games week 13 prize pool, so a big thank you to everyone who upvotes!

This week’s prize pool was gathered from the last Random Games post, so thank you to: @overkillcoin, @natureofbeing, @hr1, @edouard, @bronkong@magiccleatus, @gotmeens, @airmatti, @steempress for sponsoring the prize! <3 ^-^

You can also sponsor the prize pool by sending STEEM with the memo RG. If you send over 0.5STEEM you can promote a SFW post of your choice. If you forget the memo just let me know in the comments.

This week’s prize is: 1 STEEM!

The theme is “Your Childhood Books”.

Last week I share a bunch of my old books and @marblely inspired me to make this into a theme this week 😀
You can see the full post here: https://steemit.com/art/@kristyglas/mychildhoodbooks-rn0627bbv1 (Don’t upvote as the post is old)

@marblely I hope you found your book collection ^-^

Share with us photos of your oldest childhood books in the comments! (Pre-school age). If there are illustrations, please show us a few pages inside the books ^^

  • If you make a post please use #randomgames tag so I can upvote!
  • Resteeming this post makes your entry count as 2 entries!
  • The deadline is this post’s payout! (I’m not strict, you have time until I generate a winner)
  • The winner will be randomly generated.

If there are 3 entries or less, I might prolong the contest for a week. 🙂

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Next week we will have a poetry theme!

Thank you for checking out! Good luck! 😀

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