Digital Tabletop Games Giveaway!!

Hello guys! I have a games giveaway this week! Yesterday I was so excited to find out about the newest tabletop games bundle on Humble Bundle, an online store mainly for games. However, they have a variety of changing bundles, for books, comics and programs. By bundle I mean a set of items provided for a specific time and price, usually with 3 tier levels.

[Tabletop Bundle Link](

So the game I’m excited about is Ticket to Ride- the Complete collection! The original price is 32 euros!!! I’ve been playing the original ticket to ride for ages and it’s a fun, casual, digital board game. At the start of the game you also get mission cards which can give you lots of points if you complete them. In the game you collect different colored cards which you trade to create roads on the map. Different maps have slightly different rules, which makes it much more fun!


Personally I don’t know any of the other games in the bundle, but I’m really looking forward to trying out the Mysterium game, which appears to be a unique take on the classis Cluedo game (one of my favorite board games). So far I’ve only done a couple of tutorial games, it’s a deduction game I think. I love all of the art, it’s beautiful, dreamy and mysterious.

I’m giving away the 1$ Tier games:

Ticket to Ride – Complete Bundle
Ticket to Ride- Android Edition
Sentinels of the Multiverse
Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game
Mysterium-Android Edition

To enter the giveaway:

● You must have Steemit minimum rank 30 (to avoid spam)

● You have to write in the comments “Enter” + The name of your favorite game (any).

● Also if you resteem this post (optional) your entry counts as 2 entries.

● If there are 15+ users entering I will generate 2 winners, so double games!

● IMPORTANT: If you win you will need a (free) Humble Bundle account, so I can send you the games link and a (free) Steam Account (not Steemit) so you can claim the game keys and play.

I will randomly generate a winner right after the post’s payout. So if you don’t win, you have time to buy the games yourself if you want.

Also, sorry guys I’m postponing the adoptme post for tomorrow as I don’t want to spam multiple posts per day^^

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Good luck! 😀

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