Googlyeyed Monster!

Hello guys! Here is a Googlyeyed monster, courtesy of my siblings xD

Last week’s contest was fun, so here is more googlyeyes 😀 I hope you guys enjoy! ^^

I randomly found this on a shelf at my family’s home. No one knows who actually stuck the eyes on the fly, but I found it really hillarious xD

You can also join the contest here: by @googlyeyes/ @fraenk ^^

The new week post should be out soon I believe ^^

I tried taking a photo in the dark as well. 😀 This is the best I could manage, as the glow was pretty weak. I tried various lights, the flashlight made the thing glow strongly, but it didn’t last long enough for a clear photo.

You can check out my last art post here:

Thank you for checking out ^^

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