Original Character Design Based on a Game

Hello everyone! Finally I have some more art to share with you ^^

This is my entry for the Trial By Comics contest by @kommienezuspadt- https://steemit.com/trialbycomics/@kommienezuspadt/4dttja-trial-by-comics-winners-for-zombies-and-new-theme-announced. The theme is Video Games, so I had decided to design make my own character concept art based on my all time favorite game: Don’t Starve. It’s an open world survival game with a dark, but somewhat cute art style. The world is randomly generated with a wide variety of resouces and crafting recipes. I highly recommend it along with all of the dlc-s and the multiplayer version.

Source https://store.steampowered.com/app/219740/Dont_Starve/

The game has supernatural elements and even insanity meter. Once sanity drops too low, you get chased and attacked by various shadow monsters. There are also several seasons that add challenge to the gameplay as well as some mini bosses that drop unique items. The players can also set custom setting for their gameplay to make it easier or harder.

There is no particular storyline, but there are many cool story snippets in the game videos and trailers.


The best part about Don’t Starve is that the creators keep adding new content, even though the game was released back in 2013 and it was in early access before that. Every year I get a reason to get back into the game and I can’t wait for their latest announced dlc: “Hamlet”. Also there are occasional unique multiplayer events like “Gorge”, where the only goal is to cook and discover a variety of recipes created for the event.

My favorite dlc at the moment is “Shipwrecked”, where you survive on various islands and you move between them by sailing. The crafting and materials are very different from the core game. I love that there are pirate parrots that occassionally drop golden dubloons, which you can use in a slot machine!

About the Art


Character: Valerie

First I started with some character studies, to get used to the art style and the way the lines are used. Normally I draw with continuous lines, but here I had to use short choppy lines to get the style right.

Then I decided on the general theme- Victorian based on my person preference and somewhat inspired by the upcoming Don’t Starve dlc. I googled some Victorian dresses and hairstyles for inspiration and got right into designing my own character.

I did with a few head sketches, but I really disliked most of them. However, number 3 looked cool, so I drew the body as well. The drawing is quite messy, but my goal was to draw several designs for the best results, so I didn’t worry about it.

Number 5 turned out great as she fits much better with the original characters. I really like her head proportions and hair flow, but the body could be improved. I almost stopped here, but I felt that the pose was too stiff and boring so I continued with more experimentation.

The next 2 designs are much more playful with their poses and hairstyles. Also the hair is more neatly drawn. I don’t like No 8 at all, but that is expected with concept art. Not every design will work out, but it’s better to try. Moreover the final design can be a combination of various elements from different sketches.

If I had to pick final character, I would probably make No 5 head with No 9 body. I can’t do digital art at the moment, so I’ll leave the drawings as is for now. 🙂

Thank you for chacking out and have an awesome day! ^-^

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