Random Games Week 11- Your Collection!


Hello everyone and welcome back for week 11 of Random Games \(^▽^@)ノ
Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the previous contest themed hairstyles! A big shoutout to @gmatthe2, @marblely, @stanestyle and @rachelcreative!

Congratulations to @stanestyle!

The prize was around 1.4 STEEM so I rounded it up to 1.5 STEEM.

The SBD and STEEM from this post will go into the Random Games week 12 prize pool, so a big thank you to everyone who upvotes!

This week’s prize pool was gathered from the last 2 Random Games posts, so thank you to: @bronkong, @fraenk, @magiccleatus, @ivan-g, @airmatti, @apprentice001, @nanosesame, @sndbox, @creativecrypto for sponsoring the prize! <3 ^-^

This week’s prize is: 1.7 STEEM!

The theme is “My Collection”.

I’ve found my old coin collection and I really want to see what others enjoy gathering. ^^ Share with us your any sort of collection. If you make a post, please share a link in the comments and use #randomgames tag so I don’t miss your entry!

The winner will be randomly generated as usual.

Resteeming this post adds 1 point to your entry.

The deadline is this post’s payout!

@artwatch, @enternamehere , @katalinaooma , @hiddenblade, @adamada , @gotmeens , @nanosesame , @arepazo , @claucor20 , @mrichter, @jodekss, @cryptocariad, @unyimeetuk

If you’d like to be tagged/untagged in my posts for notification, please let me know! I will only tag you in long posts and contests.

@creativesoul I’m looking forward to your key collection 😀

Unfortunately I haven’t collected any coins in many years so the collection isn’t big, but it’s precious ^^ A lot of the coins I received from friends many years ago.

Thank you for checking out!

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