My Childhood Books

I’m still at my parent’s place so I’m taking the opportunity to go through my old things like photos and my childhood books. The books still look really awesome so I decided to share some photos with you guys ^-^

I’m going home on the weekend, so if you guys would like to see more of the books please let me know sooner in the comments 😀

I’m from a multicultural family, so I had a large variety of amazing books. I included the publishers information with each of the books covers in case anyone wants to find and buy them online 🙂

This first book is the illustreated brothers Grimm stories translated into Russian.

The cold and scary atmosphere is perfectly depicted for this Hansel and Gretel story.

Interestingly, each syory has it’s own atmosphere shown in the art. Even though the art style is the same, each story stands apart in some way.

I love the way the woman is drawn in the image above especially her hair. The image on the opposite side is very unique as it’s very detailed, but all of the details are interesting. Also it enhances the story imagery.

The art here is incredible with a lot of details like the old slavic chest, cloak and cupboard. The scary atmosphere is perfectly depicted with motion and chaos.

This is more of a traditional Russian story book. This particular one is filled with many catchy rhymes.

This is a nursery rhyme and probably one of the only ones I knew by heart as a kid. It’s about a fly having a bug tea party and then a spider kidnaps her. All of the bugs run away, but a mosquitoe hero comes to her rescue. 🙂

This is from the adorable Ajboljit story. Ajboljit is an animal doctor and he treats them in many funny ways. The literal translation for his name is : “Ahh it hurts”. The way it’s said is so smooth tho, that some people don’t realize what the name means.

I had 3 of these books and they were my favorite when I was pre school. They’re very simple, but fun with the flappy pages revealing little secrets.

This book is incredible for young artists. I drew from it so many times as a kid. It’s great for adults as well as the steps shown are useful even for adanced art (construction lines).

This is not my art, but I really wanted to share ^^

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Thank you for checking out and have an awesome day!   (*^▽^*)

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