Mr Octopus- Original Art and Story

This is my first drawing in over a week. I actually started inking a new set of dragon heads first, but I decided to draw something simpler after all. Also I still haven’t finished the Mermaid plan I had set up, so I’ll continue it for now. @gotmeens was really looking forwards to this part- drawing water creatures other than fish.

Also instead of explaining my simple sketch process too much I decided to practice some short story writing. This story is meant to be more silly, funny and simple with a nice lesson ^^

For the drawing I used a 1B pencil and a 5B one for a few stronger shadows. That’s what I had available and no eraser. Before sketching I found a cool reference from that I liked. The sketch is half the size of an A5 paper.

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Mr Octopus

Mr Octopus used to be a wizard, a grumpy, old Wizard. He was also sadly completely unskilled at creating spells. His pride however, did not permit him to admit his weaknesses, so he retorted to something despicable: stealing other Wizards’ spells. Actually, sharing spells among Wizards was actually very common; however, this wizard claimed these spells to be of his own creation. This was, to put very simply: rude.

This wizard’s name was Octuvius the Master Wizard, he was only one promotion away from the ultimate title of the Grand Wizard. All together there were a total of 7 Wizard categories including a few generalized specialisations, like healers.

Octuviuse’s trick to gathering spells was to memorise and sometimes borrow, as he’d like to think, various notes while visiting other wizards for many, sometimes silly, reasons. He would look for older notes that he figured the wizards didn’t consider important or possibly forgot about. Once, while visiting a wizard he even stole a small pile from dusty old shelf while the host was brewing them tea.

You see, many old Wizards are forgetful, even though they pretend no to be. Also they are often rather messy, their humble homes overfilled with magic scrolls on tables, in cupboards and more often than not, on floors. So finding various spells was rather easy and too tempting to resist. After all creating spells was incredibly difficult and painstaking.

Wizards would only be considered as Master and Grand Wizards if they regularly created their own spells. Often the spells would have a certain unique flair to them unique for each Wizard. For example: a Wizard may specialise in defense spells, while another in various kinds of dragon spells, or even cleaning spells turned into charms, then sold to housewives.

This is exactly why one old Grand Wizard discovered Octuviuse’s deceit, who had no style of his own. All of Octuviuse’s spells were random and incompatible. Also the vocabulary in spells was too varied and even in different languages. So the Grand Wizard decided to test Octuvius and to maybe teach him a lesson. He especially prepared a spell for him and he planned a perfect way to set it up.

The Grand Wizard was an expert at various forms of transformations, usually semi transformations, which worked as human enhancements, like a gills spell for breathing underwater. This time the spell would do more than that and it took him over a month to perfect that new spell. Once he was done he titled the scroll: “Easy Dragon Wings Spell”.

To make the setup less suspicious instead of leaving the spell laying around, he left a note on the dining table that wrote: “Reminder, the newest spell is in the top work drawer and needs to be .” This Wizard was neater than most Wizards and his scrolls were always neatly ordered and dust wiped away. Then the Grand Wizard invited Octuvius to come and visit him.

Once the Wizard came he entertained him for a while and then excused himself on an urgent business that shouldn’t take too long and that he’d be back within half an hour. Meanwhile, as he expected, Octuvius took the note, found the spell and proceeded to analyze it. In the footnotes he found that the spell lasted only 10 minutes for now and that the spell would only semi transform the caster. He took the spell and the note and left a different note excusing his absence and then he took his leave.

Once he was outside in an open field and a view to the sea not far away from the Grand Wizard’s home, he proceeded to casting the spell. The spell was in a language he partially knew and he sensed nothing odd with it. However once he cast the spell he realized he was wrong. Instead of growing wings, he shrunk and grew tentacles! He was too stunned at first to realize what happened.

The Grand Wizard made the spell to turn the caster into an octopus. He actually chose an octopus simply because Octuviuse’s name reminded him of one. When Octuvius saw the Grand Wizard emerge from the trees, he shook his tentacle fists at him as he was extremely angry.

The Grand Wizard then told Octuvius that the spell would last for 7 weeks, during which time Octuvius had to survive as an octopus in the sea. Then he picked him up gently and took him to the sea where he released him.

Octuvius had a hard time coping at first, he felt cheated and wronged. He was worried about starving to death, but every few days the Grand Wizard would find him, and bring him some food. After a while Octuvius realized that he put himself into this position and he even started exploring around. He learned how to hunt and take care of himself. A weeks for a Wizard feels like a day for humans, as the dabbling in magic extends the lifespan of the magic user.

Once the 7 weeks passed, Octuvius finally turned back into his normal self, but he was a changed Wizard now. He felt inspired and curious so he begged the Grand Wizard to teach him how to create spells. The Wizard agreed after some hesitation, but he felt Octuviuse’s sincerity. This was very humbling act for Octuvius, as it meant denouncing his  rank and returning to being a Wizard’s  Apprentice, the starting Wizard class.

Octuviuse’s experience as an octopus turned out completely enlightening, so he started experimenting with various transformation and reversal spells with the Grand Wizard’s guidance. Octuvius concentrated on marine life as he wanted to know more about the wonders of the seas and oceans. Most importantly he learned that he could create spells after all, but it would require patience and many, many and many more failed attempts. However the final results were worth the work he put into it and eventually he became a real Grand Wizard himself.

Thank you for reading! <3

Original art and story by @kristyglas, all rights reserved.

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