A Magical Forest- Pixel Art

Hello guys! I hope you’re all well ^^ Today I have another old post that I really enjoyed making last year. Once per week I pick one of my old posts to share again as most of my current followers didn’t know me back then ūüôā

Personally I find the 7 day post limit quite demotivating, but I understand the reasons behind it.

Last week I skipped the post, but I plan to continue this series of posts.

I actually do a lot of pixelart, but for Steemit I make more traditional and high res digital art. I miss the Pixelart weekly contests by¬†@jonny-clearwater.¬†The art in this post was one of my first entries for the contest’s. I loved the specific weekly themes and this one was particularly challenging: 4 color limit.

I met @overkillcoin and @nanosesame through PAW. Also Aseprite the program I used in this post is awesome and I use it regularly now.

star.png Setting the Mood star.png

The overall mood is crucial for a color challenge. I used hue/saturation adjustment to find the distinct mood.
I was going to do 9 unique frames, but decided to work with the middle frame (the 3rd try). I loved it as soon I finished the sketch. Generally when filling the frames I don’t worry about the order or layers.

star.png The Steps star.png

I decided to work with very simple and limited details, and let the animation be the main focus of the work.

Tips: pixel art looks sharper when working with png files instead of jpg. Aslo when scaling up pixel art use nearest-neighbor scaling for sharp edges.

star.png Expanding the Scene star.png

I decided to make a short parallax animation. So I expanded from 150 pixels wide to 178 pixels. All of the colors are on separate layers; however, in the first step I do everything on 1 layer and separate it after picking a scene.

star.png Animation star.png

I decided to try out a pixel art program I bought a few days ago- Aseprite ( because of a Steam sale). I decided to import the 178 pixels (expanded) layers and to crop the scene into 150 pixels, at the end to get the final result.

I achieved the¬†parallax movement¬†by moving the¬†closest,(¬†darkest layer) by 2 pixels and the further trees (middle layer) by only 1 pixel in the same direction. After 3 frames I copy pasted the frames in reverse order and did the same thing in the other direction. I didn’t move fireflies to simplify the task.

My original post from last year: https://steemit.com/art/@kristyglas/pixel-art-weekly-contest-entry-magical-forest

Thank you for reading!

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