The Car Accident (No Photos)- Minor Injuries

I’ve edited this post and left only important details, as it’s very private. Thank you all who left comments and all the support <3
This post isn’t gruesome, gory or tragic, but it’s very serious. I was in a car accident on Monday evening, in the passenger seat in front and my brother @ivan-g was driving. Our injuries are healing and there were no fractures or broken bones, no blood either (we got a lot of tests done). We got hit from behind, because the car in front stopped abruptly. We managed to stop on time, but were pushed into the front car from behind. My husband was sitting in the back seat with my sister, thankfully they got less injuries. However, my husband got a very bad belt burn. 
All of us were wearing seat belts which definitely saved us.
I don’t remember the accident itself, but I woke up with my head on the air bag and I had a couple of minutes of memory loss. My leg got a bad bruise and my forehead got a hit mark. My arm has a big belt burn and I have a couple of painless marks on my torso.
My brother had to stay 24 h in the hospital as he had a concussion and more memory loss. He hit his chin very hard during the accident and his neck hurts much more than rest of us.
There are so many ways this accident could have been worse, that it’s scary to think about.
The cover photo was taken by me with a Go pro.
Thank you to @enternamehere for delegating to my brother @ivan-g . We really appreciate it and it’s a very pleasant surprise.
For anyone concerned, you can reach me on Discord: @kristyglas#6340 and I often check out PAL net.
Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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