Googlyeyes Ship

I finally have the chance to participate in the googlyeyes contest 😀

I keep forgetting to buy some xD, but my brother ofcourse has a bunch and he let me use them. I also let him know about the contest ^^

I’m currently visiting family (we live very far apart so it’s only twice a year visit). I haven’t drawn or written anything for now, but there will be time to catch up. I was going to participate in the cool writing contest by @thewritersblock , but it’s far from finished 😛 (It will be a continuation of the previous short story I wrote about the dagger). I won’t rush it.


I haven’t had time to draw or write, but I did get to experiment with a Go pro and I love it so far! I only know the basics for now, but I finally managed to take some start photos. I’ve been failing for a week with now with my regular Canon camera 🙂


And it’s waterproof too 😀

Cheers and see you soon! ^^


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