Random Games Week 10!- Hairstyles

Hello guys! We had so many awesome entries in the [previous week’s contest](https://steemit.com/contest/@kristyglas/random-games-week-9-a-coloring-page-2-sbd-prize-pool) <3 You can check all of the entries there or a compilation of most of the posts [here](https://steemit.com/contestrandomgamesartzonecreativity/@kristyglas/randomgames9updatesteempresstest-i911nxsqf7). Thank you to all who participated 😀

Thank you to @juliakponsford and @soundwavesphoton for sponsoring this week’s reward! 2SBD!

This weeks prize is around 1.5SBD (the prize will be calculated and given from the last 2 Random Games post’s payouts, not counting the SP)

I gave extra entries to those who animated their drawings (for the extra effort).
(Also last week I accidentaly wrote that @tristancarax is week 9 winner, in fact they are week 8 winner ^^)

<h3>Contgratulations to @onefatindian!! (Unusual name, haha) Thank you very much for participating 😀 Your post was also quite funny ^^ </h3>


By @onefatindian [Full Post Here](https://steemit.com/randomgames/@onefatindian/entry-random-games-week-9-contest-color-this-by-kristyglas)


@enternamehere , @katalinaooma , @hiddenblade@adamada , @gotmeens , @nanosesame , @arepazo , @claucor20 , @mrichter@jodekss@cryptocariad

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I’m sorry I’m little slow and late, I’m visiting my family for a few days 😀

<h3>This week’s theme is: Hairstyles!</h3>

My sister did my hairstyle and I figured it’s a cool way to bond for everyone 😀
Do someone’s hairstyle or have your’s done by a friend of family member and share a photo ^^ The coolest hairstyles will count as 2 entries for the extra effort! Resteeming this post also gives you 1 extra entry (but you must participate in the hairstyle contest part)

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/543106036310137770/

The winner will be randomly generated ^^

Deadline is this post’s payout.

The SBD and STEEM from this post will be used for the next week’s prize pool 😀

Have fun! <3
Next weeks theme will be “Your Collection” 😉

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