Trial by Comics-Zombies Art+ Short Story

Hello guys. This is my entry for Trial by Comics by @kommienezuspadt
Sorry I won’t write more at the moment as I’m upset. I can’t access my pc because of admin password. (I misstyped it twice when setting up a new one, so it’s my own fault). I’ll probably lose a bunch of my Steemit files that were on the main hard drive 🙁 And possibly photos as I don’t remember which drive they were on.. I’ve tried a bunch of things that didn’t work, I’ll just keep trying to guess the password.

Here is the story I wrote several days ago. I combined @thewritersblock exercise with the art.

“You can’t stop me now! I’ll go wherever, damn, I want!”

The memory of those words brought tears to Ellie’s eyes once again. She could forget the anger she had felt for her mother back then. The anger was gone now, replaced by sadness, and worse- guilt.

When the calamity begun, she tried calling her home, but to no avail. Ellie was across the globe and had no way to return.

So here she was now, a year later, finally home. She had walked most of the way.

Her home was a wreck and she knew in her gut that the worst had happened. She pushed open the main door and a blast of foul air hit her.

After a long pause, she tiptoed inside, unholstering a pistol.

First she checked her sister’s room, thankfully empty. The pink room looked almost undisturbed, as if frozen in time. Ellie blinked away tears as she moved on to the next room, still nothing.

She finally reached the end of the corridor, her mother’s bedroom.
She couldn’t do it, she couldn’t turn the handle.

“Ellie” A whisper, her mother’s voice.

She imagined it, she must have. Still, she dashed inside the room.

Ellie was right. There they were there, but gone- her mother’s and sister’s shells. Ellie cried in despair as she pointed the pistol at the them, but they just kept looking at her curiously, creeping closer.

She couldn’t pull the trigger and she felt the one last embrace.


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